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Workshop. LAST BYO Chalk painting, SMALL PIECE OF FURNITURE 25/6/2023

Workshop. LAST BYO Chalk painting, SMALL PIECE OF FURNITURE 25/6/2023

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My popular BYO small piece of furniture workshop is back!! But we will not be painting white pieces this time as colour is definitely needed these days ! 

Bring a small piece of furniture to revamp and have a play with texture, blending, and try some decoupage or add a furniture transfer ( depending on stock availability)

This workshop is most suitable to beginners and those who want to learn a little more about adding texture using washed and weathered or salt impasto. 

✅Please lightly sand your piece and clean it well with water and vinegar before arriving. This will help give “tooth” to your substrate and helps paint adhere better. ✅No heavy sanding is required … just scuff it up. This saves time and leaves more time for painting and drying especially during cooler weather. 
✅Make sure your small piece of furniture is real wood rather than ply or laminate. 
✅1 x Bedside table  or a small hall table,  or a chair. Steamer trunks and coffee tables are great piece’s to revamp. Find a second hand one on market place to practice on. 
✅Don’t overthink it!  It’s all about having fun and being present. 

🟢Sunday 25th June 

🟢930 start for about 3-4 hours

🟢288A Westcoast Highway Scarborough. Please park on verge or vacant lot near my house. 
I look forward to seeing you. Xx 

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